Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are Black Dems Getting Intolerant of Black Repubs (video)?

Has the political flames been turned up between blacks on opposite ends of the political spectrum? Has what many view as racially charged rhetoric and actions/deeds from Newt Gingrich, other GOP presidential candidates, and other GOP elected officials taken its toll on many black democrats? The interviewer in this video definitely seems at his wits end! However, kudos to the lady; she demonstrated great poise in the lambasting she was getting from the interviewer. Was the interviewer out of line here (especially considering the interviewee’s a woman)?   

Also, do you think the rhetoric from self-identified black conservatives like Herman Cain and Allen West has really help intensify the heat between black liberals/progressives and black conservatives/Tea Party members? How should the two groups handle this going forward? Watch the video to the end for reference to the related link below.


Operation Black Storm


  1. First of all I think the talk show host was out of line. He could have handled his guest much more professionally. Now on to the question at hand. I don’t know if it’s intolerance on the part of Black Democrats or if they’re just fed up with all the rhetoric. I do think the folks like Herman Cain stoke the flames of resentment. With Cain it seemed that the only time he mentioned black folks during his campaign was when he was using us a prop to gain favor with the white tea party crowd. Which is why it was so ridiculous for him or his supporters to insinuate that black folk’s problem with Cain was based merely on the fact that he “left the plantation”. We know when we’re being insulted and when we’re being used as foils to gain favor with racist white folks. In addition I think black folks in general politics aside are displeased with how many (not all) Black Republicans seem to be silent when it comes to racist remarks made by their fellow Republicans. I had a little respect for Herman Cain when he initially was critical of Gov. Rick Perry for the name of his hunting camp, but quickly lost that respect when Cain gave in to the rightwing blowhards on talk radio and back tracked from his criticism. I’m not absolving all Black Democrats. I do think some are intolerant of Black Republicans just on the basis that, well they’re Black Republicans. But to paint all with that same brush ignores what I think are some legitimate complaints. How many Black Republicans do we see that really make an effort to connect with black folks and talk to us and not at us?

  2. Black Man, this is a great response! Without a doubt, the rhetoric could be the primary reason for the heating flames. Also, I really think you pointed out a huge problem, or potential problem, with the silence of many black Republicans when it comes to all this inflammatory language. Thanks.

  3. While we're on the topic check out what JC Watts says at 28:25 and again at 1:19:00

  4. Black Man, thanks so much for the two time stamps in the video because I'm limited right now and can't listen to the entire video. What Mr. Watts said was very deep! Also, what Mr. Smith said shortly after Mr. Watts (about 31:30) was deep as well!